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According to Metro News, archaeologists say such bottles were used to keep spells and curses from entering homes as long ago as the 1600s.
AUGUST 11, 2021
  unearthed a clear bottle that ap- peared to contain urine, along with hair and a human tooth.
owner did not answer the door. But when mowers hired by the city showed up and started cut- ting the grass, the person inside began shooting at them, KD- FW-TV reported. The police officers who had accompanied the compliance team took cov- er and waited for backup; the person inside continued shoot- ing until SWAT units arrived and shot tear gas into the home.
   “I had my camera in my hand and in the video you can see me shaking as I just want- ed to put it down,” Langston said. “I did a bit of research online and discovered it was a witch bottle. I went back the following day and placed it in an undisturbed part near the area where I found it and buried it slightly just to avoid any bad juju. I did get a bit creeped out by it all.”
The shooter was taken into custody at about 1 p.m.; the citation was his seventh in two years.
                                                     The Worst Tooth Fairy
“Being shot at for trying to make the community look better?” said Fort Worth officer Jimmy Pollozani. “That just proves the dangers of this job.”
It’s time to go back to school!
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Hilo, HI 96720
          cream truck for some time. “We must continue to find ways to break down those in- visible barriers we deal with on a daily basis within our
getting to know the officers and building relationships.
When Fort Worth, Texas, code compliance officers ar- rived at a home at around 8:30 a.m. July 16 to issue a violation for too-high grass, the home-
The man was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
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     Cool Cops
Delray Beach, Florida, has a new addition to its fleet of police vehicles: an ice cream truck. Police chief Javaro Sims told WPBF-TV that he’s been thinking about getting an ice
Extreme Reaction
   communities,” Sims said. He hopes the public will grab some free ice cream and stay for some conversation,
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 Acupuncture Leader Offers Full Range Of Services
Relief is always just around the corner at Hilo’s premier acupuncture business
Cherry Healing Center, which has been
expanding its reach in new and exciting ways.
Since settling into a larger home on
Waianuenue Avenue this past spring, the
thriving center has begun adding those injured in
automobile collisions and on-the-job accidents to its patients’ list as well.
“Up until recently, I wasn’t accepting those involved in auto insurance claims and workers’ compensation cases,” says acupuncturist and owner Rabakka Fulkerson. “But now, if you’re covered
by insurance — and this includes those who are veterans, or have United Healthcare — you can receive treatment at the center.”
She notes that most treatments are for whiplash,
back, shoulder and knee injuries, carpal tunnel and headaches.
“I’ve treated almost every type of injury,” says Fulkerson, “and for those suffering from acute pain, I have herbal products to help remedy their situations, too.”
Many come to Cherry Healing Center because they are offered the full range of acupuncture services. Beyond accident-related injuries, the center also assists clients in dropping weight, learning pain-management and becoming free of insomnia, anxiety or addiction issues.
Additionally, the center provides several add-on therapies upon request, including massage, cupping and gua sha (scraping).
Whatever the treatment required, patients are always in good hands with Fulkerson.
“I want to see them get the right treatment until they have no pain anymore,” she finalizes. “Each individual responds differently and some of them need more time to heal. But I’m always going to be there for them.”
Located at 234 Waianuenue Ave., No. 101, Cherry Healing Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
To schedule an appointment or to learn more about the center’s services, including its packages and membership program, call or text 489-4272, or visit

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