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           RELEASE DATE—Sunday, August 8, 2021 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, August 8, 2021
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
   Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
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92 Clumsy boats 9932TCribluaml esmy boleamts 9943MTinribtyacl oecmkbtaleilm 9964GMuinty cocktail 9986DGaurendevil’s 98sDtoacrke-dine-tvrial’sde 99 Psuttoocku-tin-trade
3 Stayed 43BSutsaiynedss for
33 *Put on the 33 b*oPouktson the
56 *Ghost 92 596 B*Goshtosnt-based 92 59 sBposrtoswn-ebarsgeidant 94 62 Hspootsrhtsowteargiant 94 632 AHtotrtaschtot 95 673 GAottdradcetss 95 67 wGitohdadetshsrone 97
*Place abuzz w*Pitlhacaectaivbituyzz Sweitnhtarcatsivpibtyerries tSoe?nt raspberries Ttoe?xt letters often iTnebxltuletters often Diniabmluoend pro LDoiacmatoiond pro
1 RaAcCeRdOistSaSnce 51SRhraincke distance
4 m B a u n s y i n A e ms s a f z o o r n emxpalnoyreArsm?azon
35 Eb l o o on k Us n i v e r s i t y 35 sEt.lon University 36 Wsta. shington city
125TrSahdritnioknal koa 12wToroadiptiorondaul cktoa
10949*CPluotsoeulyt match 110094*A*Ccolonscealygumaa’stch 109ra*Angceoncagua’s
_C_hMrisutridee’srs“T” he 6 “T__heMDuardyetrhse”
hweitahdadrtehsrsone 68 Ihnesaigdndifriecsasnt 698 KInesyigonfificant
10908 BLocdaytiwonith
100 aBromdsy?with
101 1a9rm94s?rival of
101 N19a9n4cyrival of
102 “ N T a h n e c Cy o c k t a i l
102 P“Tahrtey”Cpolcakytwairlight
103 FPoagrtym” opdlaifyiewrright
1043 RFoegd mdeosdsifeiertr 104 wRiende dessert
19 “Gweonotdlempreonduct 1 9 P “ r Ge f e e n r t Bl e l mo n e d n e s ”
6 E“aTrhthe SDtaoyodthe SEtiall”rtahcStrteososd PSattirlli”ciactress
37 Cwirecrle braotrinos 3387 *CNiorcrsleratios
69 SKcehyuobfert’s “STcrohutbQerut’isntet”
auPtrheoferrLBolosndes” 114 Croandgietionally let 21 UanuwthoortrhLyoofs 114oCutonditionally let 2 2 2 1 S Ut a n r t w e o d r t u h p y a o g f a i n 115 Woiuntning game
7 PPaartroicfiaA.D. 8 7 MP ua sr i t c oi af nA . D .
38 m*Nytohrosleogy bmatyttlehoulosgeyd as thbeattsleubutsiteledoafsa 2t h0 e1 7s u“ Tb ht i tol er ” of i f l ma
70 C“TorronufiteQldusinigteht” 710 SCuonrndfaield sight
22 Started up again 115aWfteinr ngianmg egame 23 __ officer
8 RMeudsbiocniaen
71 aSltuenrndateives 72 Bailgtenrnaamtiveeisn 72 mB i o g v ni e a s m? e i n 73 Mmaonvnieos?f ’Til 73 TMuaensndaoyf ’Til
23 __ officer 116 Tahfeteyr’rgeasmeen 24 Bishopric cousin
9 HRaelfdtbhoenteaijitu 9 s Hy ma l bf ot h l e t a i j i t u
39 E2g0g1-7sh“Tahpoerd” film 4309 REagcge-rshaped
24 Bishopric cousin 116aTmhoenyg’rethseeen 25 Like aftershave
25 Like aftershave reaemdosng the after a shave
10 Tsryiemdbhoalrd 110 *BTribielidcahlard
40 YRaarbcoerough
41 RYoaarbsotsr,oiungahway 4421 B R l i o n a d s s t s e , g i mn e a n w t a y 4432 Brlaindosergomleent
105 Fwrionme square 105 oFnroem square
after a shave 118 Sraemedusrai lacking
26 1994 A.L. batting
26 1994 A.L. batting 118 Samurai lacking
11 *Biblical possessive
champ Paul
a master
76 WTuinetsedraPyalace 76 rWesinidtenr tPalace
106 Aonpepraise 1076 CAuptptirnagis-edge 107 Cutting-edge
champ Paul 28 *Wine
a master 119 Go back over
possessive 12 Polished
28 *Wine ingredient?
119 Go back over 120 Superheroes
12 Polished
13 Grooves made
43 Brando role in 1978’s
77 Roasting rod
29 *Sarah of “Suits”
120 Superheroes always have
13 Grooves made by a saw
in 1978’s “Superman”
77 Roasting rod 78 Rounding
29 *Sarah of “Suits” 30 Pigment used in
always have them
by a saw 14 Sky-high gp.
“Superman” 44 Critical layer
78 Rounding phrase
brand? 108 Security
30 Pigment used in rustproof primer
121 They come with
14 Sky-high gp.
15 Time co-founder
44 Critical layer 45 Fulfilled
79 Merry-go-round
108 Security problem
rustproof primer paints
121 They come with strings attached
15 Time co-founder 16 Mideast leader
45 Fulfilled
47 Defies authority
79 Merry-go-round tune
110 Iditarod terminus
32 Blood lines
strings attached 122 Fine-tuned
16 Mideast leader 17 Fast time
47 Defies authority 49 Ringling
80 *Dangerous
110 Iditarod terminus
111 Carpe __
32 Blood lines
34 Bananas or nuts
122 Fine-tuned
17 Fast time 18 On pins and
111 Carpe __
112 “__ quam
34 Bananas or nuts 123 Krypton, but not
37 Monetary “p”
Brothers brother 50 Half a Balkan
82 Derby, perhaps
videri”: 35-Down motto
37 Monetary “p” 38 Diamonds, in
124 Canapé spread
20 *Gene variant
50 Half a Balkan country
82 Derby, perhaps 86 Cool
113 WWII weapon
38 Diamonds, in slang
124 Canapé spread
20 *Gene variant 27 Vientiane native
country 52 Prefix with
86 Cool
87 Anchorage for a
113 WWII weapon 116 *It’s next to
43 Rib-tickler
27 Vientiane native 29 Ocasek of the
52 Prefix with -aholic
87 Anchorage for a galleon
116 *It’s next to nothing
43 Rib-tickler 46 Oval-shaped
1 Bruce Wayne
29 Ocasek of the Cars
-aholic 53 Magnum
91 Mark down,
nothing 117 JFK arrival,
46 Oval-shaped wind
1 Bruce Wayne lives in one
31 Means of
wind 48 Benefit
lives in one 2 Pointless
31 Means of access
53 Magnum stopper stopper
91 Mark down, maybe
117 JFK arrival, once
48 Benefit
49 *Slip through the
2 Pointless
Krypton, but not
18 On pins and needles
49 Ringling Brothers brother
80 *Dangerous strain
112 “__ quam videri”: 35-Down
5 Aegxaptlhoarers?
5 C A h g r ai s t t h i e a ’ s “ T h e
36 wWhaesrehinOglytomnpcicity swkiheersrePOhliyl manpdic SstkeieversMPahhilraend wSetereveboMrnahre
  49 *Slip through the cracks
50 *Traffic stoppers
50 *Traffic stoppers 51 Junk bond rating
51 Junk bond rating 54 Yitzhak’s
54 Yitzhak’s predecessor
predecessor 55 Allegro non __:
55 Allegro non __: fast, but not too
fast, but not too fast
57 Umbrella
57 Umbrella component
component 58 Problematic to
58 Problematic to the max
the max 60 Gas pump
60 Gas pump fractions
fractions 61 Fermented
61 Fermented honey drink
honey drink
64 Mountain nymph
64 Mountain nymph 65 World Cup “Way
65 World Cup “Way to go!”
to go!”
66 Product with
66 Product with lots of shapes
lots of shapes ... or what
... or what each of four
each of four black squares
black squares effectively is?
effectively is?
70 Poli-__ 70 Poli-__
73 Absinthe 73 Absinthe
flavoring flavoring
74 A-line line 74 A-line line
75 Bench warmer? 75 Bench warmer?
77 Stone set alone 77 Stone set alone
81 Basic card game 81 Basic card game
83 1994 Olympic 83 1994 Olympic
gold medalist gold medalist
skater Baiul skater Baiul
84 __ donna 84 __ donna
85 Triple __: liqueur 85 Triple __: liqueur
86 *Take by force 86 *Take by force
88 *“A Clockwork 88 *“A Clockwork
Orange” Orange”
antihero antihero
89 Keys 89 Keys
90 South American 90 South American
river with river with
a crocodile a crocodile
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 Lab Rat
 As I get older, I find that I have to get a lot of labo- ratory work done to coincide with all my doctor and health appointments. Luckily, there are two major local companies that handle this: Clinical Labs of Ha- wai‘i and Diagnostic Laboratory Services. Full disclosure, the president of Clinical Labs is a friend of mine through a mutual dear friend who had passed a couple of years ago.
Both companies have facilities spread out across the state, so it’s super convenient as there’s always a handful of labs near where you live. But the demand for their services seems to have quadrupled, especially with the need of testing ser- vices and bloodwork required by physicians.
I recently had to have a full blood workup performed before my annual checkup with my primary care doctor. I indiscriminately chose a lab close to my workplace so I could stop by before I headed into my office.
As I walked up to the lab, there were lots of people wait- ing outside. I had to pull a number from the rack that was right in front of the entry door. It’s almost like grabbing a number at Baskin-Robbins on a hot summer day — you’re probably looking at high double digits. I was pleasantly sur- prised that I pulled the number “3.” I had struck the waiting- in-line lottery! That’s when a technician came out and called the next number to be served: 35. I then realized the highest number is 50 before they go all the way back to 1.
                                                     Since I had to get to work, I couldn’t wait. I decided to return at lunchtime. Well, about 30 people probably had the same idea, so I chose to come back just before they closed. Again, there were the equivalent of two baseball teams ahead of me in line. Not wanting to play the waiting game again, I found a lab in Mililani that opens at 5 a.m. Surely I could get up early in order to avoid a line that rivals the ticket line for a Bruno Mars concert.
            Sure enough, the next morning I walked through the doors of the lab and after checking in was directed to one of the rooms to draw my blood. The phlebotomist was very friend- ly and was bringing my information up on her computer. I rolled up my sleeve getting ready for the needle when suddenly the power went out. In darkness, their team went through some kind of emergency protocol. I went back into the waiting room while they assessed the situation.
          They announced that they called Hawaiian Electric and that the power was out across part of Mililani and not likely restored for another hour. I decided I couldn’t wait. That meant I wasted a perfectly good 12-hour fast. I hate it when that happens.
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