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OCTOBER 13, 2021
    Good Help Can Be So Hard To Find
                Technology has the amazing ability to bring people together. From video chatting to social media and texting, it’s a won- derful web of connectivity. In my case, it also has the ability to bring all of my worst qual- ities to the surface, specifical- ly when I help my mom with her random questions — even more specifically with her tech-related questions.
you need to show me how to do it.”
  Bless my husband’s heart, he’s so patient, and walks my mom through each step with grace and kindness as I pout in the corner with my snarky atti- tude. Before you start thinking that this is my normal disposi- tion, let me assure you, it’s not. I think I’m great at explaining things and helping people with their queries. When readers phone in or send me an email, for example, I’m always hap- py to help and never think of it as an inconvenience. With my mom, my reaction is different.
ing their parents with tech-re- lated issues. Well, I’m here to tell you that we’ re the ones who need to try to change our attitudes. Because when the roles are reversed and we call our parents for help when we can’t get scratches out of the glass stove top or we overdraft
our checking account or we set off the smoke detector and fan- ning it isn’t working — these are real-life scenarios that my mom has helped me with over the years — don’t they always come through in the most sup- portive fashion with nothing but love and words of wisdom?
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Because when the roles are reversed and we call our parents for help, don’t they always come through in the most supportive fashion with nothing but love and words of wisdom?
 Trick or Treat
Ghouls and Goblins!
         When she calls me because Hulu won’t load or there’s something wrong with her Gmail or Apple TV, my other half will swoop in and take over when he hears my mom say: “You’re going too fast;
I’ m sure there are others who relate to my plight of struggling to keep their com- posure and sanity while help-
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