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           RELEASE DATE—Sunday, August 22, 2021 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, August 22, 2021
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
   Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
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74 Hawaii County
101 Small
12 Dudek of “Mad
47 “Anything __ we
72 Judge’s
74 Hawaii County seat
101 Small decorative case
12 Dudek of “Mad Men”
47 “Anything __ we can do?”
72 Judge’s response
75 This and that
decorative case 102 Sporty Chevy
13 Bit player
can do?” 49 Sources of
74 Most Rwandans
75 This and that 76 __ Cong
102 Sporty Chevy 103 Art Deco artist
13 Bit player 14 Equestrian
49 Sources of shots
74 Most Rwandans 78 Greyhound
76 __ Cong
77 Nice summer
103 Art Deco artist 104 Small fry
14 Equestrian gear
50 Not familiar with
78 Greyhound crash sites?
77 Nice summer 78 “Bro!”
104 Small fry 105 Boosts
gear 15 Former
50 Not familiar with 51 Casual material
crash sites? 79 Cold oatmeal
1 2020 Anya
1 2020 Anya Taylor-Joy title
78 “Bro!”
79 Showy parrots
105 Boosts
106 Like chalet roofs
15 Former poisoning
51 Casual material 52 “Yu-Gi-Oh!”
79 Cold oatmeal cereals
Taylor-Joy title role
79 Showy parrots 82 Symphony
106 Like chalet roofs 107 Rolltop, for one
poisoning treatment
52 “Yu-Gi-Oh!” genre
80 Heart chambers
5 They’re dragged
82 Symphony orchestra
107 Rolltop, for one
treatment 16 Sole source
53 Part of a flower
80 Heart chambers 81 Obsolescent
5 They’re dragged and dropped
orchestra members
16 Sole source 17 Rival of Bjorn
53 Part of a flower 57 Start of two U.S.
81 Obsolescent laptop feature
and dropped 10 Apple desktop
83 2000 Grammy-
1 Polish language
17 Rival of Bjorn 18 Dispatch
57 Start of two U.S. state names
laptop feature 82 Approximately
10 Apple desktop 14 Oldies players
83 2000 Grammy- winning hit
1 Polish language 2 Give (out)
18 Dispatch 24 Split __
state names
58 They’re found in
82 Approximately 84 Colonel
14 Oldies players 19 Forest jumpers
winning hit featuring
2 Give (out)
3 Road Runner
24 Split __
25 Tot’s wheels
58 They’re found in veins
84 Colonel Sanders
19 Forest jumpers 20 G.I. Joe
featuring Eminem
3 Road Runner cartoons
25 Tot’s wheels 29 Bedard
59 Muffin topping
Sanders trademark
20 G.I. Joe nemesis
Eminem 86 Many a
cartoons landscape
29 Bedard who voiced
59 Muffin topping 60 Three-piece
trademark 85 Small coffee
21 Fleeting prefix,
86 Many a binoculars toter
landscape feature
who voiced Pocahontas in
60 Three-piece pieces
85 Small coffee maker output
21 Fleeting prefix, timewise
binoculars toter 87 Counterfeit
4 Mobile judge,
Pocahontas in the 1995 Disney
61 Symbol seen in
maker output 86 Like a deformed
timewise 22 Heaps
87 Counterfeit
88 Geeky-sounding
4 Mobile judge, perhaps
the 1995 Disney film
61 Symbol seen in viola music
86 Like a deformed tree trunk
22 Heaps
23 Slogan from a
88 Geeky-sounding candy
5 Winter cause
Campfire treat
viola music
62 Numbers game 62 Numbers game
tree trunk
89 Golfer Calvin 89 Golfer Calvin 90 Bombard, as 90 Bombard, as
23 Slogan from a cola jingle first
89 Contented
5 Winter cause of a roof leak,
31 Campfire treat
cola jingle first aired in 1969
89 Contented rumble
of a roof leak, maybe
32 Carried 32 Carried
63 Sales rep’s form 63 Sales rep’s form
aired in 1969 26 Amber, for one
33 Jabber 33 Jabber
64 Paparazzi 64 Paparazzi quarry quarry
with snowballs
26 Amber, for one 27 Pekoe holder
90 Tech class sites
6 Parachute lines
34 Privilege 34 Privilege
with snowballs 91 Ali, once
27 Pekoe holder 28 Origami staple
90 Tech class sites 92 Race of Norse
6 Parachute lines 7 Toe the line
35 Course 35 Course
65 Former Maine 65 Former Maine
91 Ali, once
92 Start to correct? 92 Start to correct? 93 Samsung
93 Samsung
28 Origami staple 29 Moved slowly
92 Race of Norse gods
7 Toe the line
8 Heston was its
warnings warnings
36 Burger go-with
senator Olympia senator Olympia
29 Moved slowly 30 River inlets
93 Mythical hero
8 Heston was its pres. from 1998
36 Burger go-with 37 Power source 37 Power source
66 Artisan group 66 Artisan group
30 River inlets 31 Con’s decoy
93 Mythical hero who captured
pres. from 1998 to 2003
67 High-end 67 High-end
94 Fishing decoy 94 Fishing decoy 95 Laryngitis docs 95 Laryngitis docs 96 Try to find
96 Try to find
98 Post-Manhattan 98 Post-Manhattan
31 Con’s decoy 32 Silvery
who captured Cerberus
to 2003
9 Leap named
38 __ point 38 __ point
German German
32 Silvery freshwater fish
Cerberus 97 Enrapture
9 Leap named for a Swedish
39 Put on quite an 39 Put on quite an
appliance brand appliance brand
freshwater fish 33 Professional
97 Enrapture 98 French folk
for a Swedish skater
act act
68 Up and about 68 Up and about
33 Professional spinners
98 French folk tune used in
10 Asthmatic’s
41 Anklets, e.g. 41 Anklets, e.g. 45 Sitting Bull’s 45 Sitting Bull’s
70 King with a 70 King with a
Project org.
36 Broadway revue
tune used in basic instrument
10 Asthmatic’s device
magic touch magic touch
Project org. 99 “Fool (If You 99 “Fool (If You
36 Broadway revue featuring pop
basic instrument lessons
11 For the most
people people
71 Letter-shaped 71 Letter-shaped
Think It’s Over)” Think It’s Over)” singer Chris singer Chris
featuring pop standards that
100 Like highways
11 For the most part
46 Grumpy mood 46 Grumpy mood
girders girders
standards that won a 1997
100 Like highways
    won a 1997 Grammy
40 Laugh-a-minute
40 Laugh-a-minute types
41 Baby party
   41 Baby party 42 Reception
42 Reception dispensers
dispensers 43 CD-__
43 CD-__ 44 Cultural
44 Cultural opening?
45 Fly like an eagle 45 Fly like an eagle
   46 __ wave 46 __ wave
47 Kitchenware 47 Kitchenware
brand brand
48 Classic novelty 48 Classic novelty
song involving song involving
wing-flapping wing-flapping
imitations, as imitations, as
   it’s commonly it’s commonly
called called
53 Fold 53 Fold
54 UFO pilots 54 UFO pilots
55 Coupling device 55 Coupling device
56 Start of a 56 Start of a
counting rhyme counting rhyme
57 Get cozy 57 Get cozy
   58 67, for 58 67, for
Beethoven’s Beethoven’s
Fifth Fifth
59 Take 59 Take
responsibility responsibility
6060SSupupoprotr,t,wwithith “f“ofro”r”
   6161BBurutr’st’sBBeeess papraernetnt
6464InIsnusruarnancececacasese 6 56 5 A An t n i t t oi t xo i x n i ns s 666“T“oTdoadya”y”rivriaval,l,
brbierifelyfly 6969CCenetnrtaral pl paartrsts 7070SSonogngpplalayeyedd
   ataBt Bluleuesshhoommee
gagmameses 7373FForodrsdsoof fththee
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 Paper Trained
 People who know me have known that I’ve been a vo- racious reader all of my life. As a child, our parents en- rolled us in a library reading club for kids. I was hooked for life. When growing up on a military base in Machinato, Okinawa, I would frequent the base bookstore. All my money went toward paperbacks.
In the early ’80s, while I was training to become an emer- gency medical technician, I got myself a weekend job working for Honolulu Book Shops at Pearlridge Center. I became the weekend supervisor and took care of ordering Hawaiiana/local books and all the magazines. I was in heaven, as I could read whatever I wanted. Every week, I would be simultaneously reading a hardcover, two paperbacks and several magazines.
My reading habit has since waned due to lack of time and my ageing vision. But I still love reading printed material like occasional books and newspapers and magazines, of course. Many people I talk to are just like me and still enjoy reading printed material. If you’re reading MidWeek right now, you’re one of 250,000 weekly households that read a printed copy of our paper.
                                               As an edition of Honolulu Star-Advertiser, when you com- bine us with their astronomical readership, we easily surpass a half-million people who still like to read a tangible newspaper. Part of the reason, I believe, is that you can’t really trust what you get online through social and some mainstream media.
      And unlike radio and television advertising, which is fleet- ing, a newspaper has a definite shelf life that you can refer back to for consumer information. Besides, reading a printed newspaper has become a habit for most generations except maybe the newest ones. I don’t know about you, but I have an actual ritual when reading my Sunday Star-Advertiser.
        As soon as I wake up, I will let our dogs out and then feed them. I will retrieve my paper from the driveway, remove the plastic wrapper and smooth out all the creases as I place it on our kitchen counter.
      I will then methodically separate all the sections and ad- vertising circulars, and then reorder them in a stack. They are in order of what I will read first going all the way through to what I will read last.
      I’ll leave to go brush my teeth only to come back and find that my wife has deconstructed my stack to read the ad circu- lars, the Dining Out restaurant guide and Hawai‘i Renovation section. The sections are now sprawled out all over the counter. I would say something but then she might roll up the paper and whack me with it, which for her, is another useful reason to get a printed newspaper.
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