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On Dec. 11 in Katwe Kabatoro, Uganda, a 2-year-old boy was
When A Hungry, Hungry Hippo Attacks
playing near a lake when a hippo “grabbed ... the boy from his head and swallowed half his body,” the Telegraph reported. Bystander Chrispas Bagonza witnessed the event and started chucking rocks at the hippo, which caused it to spit the toddler out. As the beast lumbered away, onlook- ers rushed the child to the hos- pital, where he was treated for injuries sustained in the attack.
explained, and were apparent- ly so determined to get away that they ended up in the Cape Fear River.
door of the Electra police de- partment. Stephens told an- other media outlet that she had been renting an apartment to a man who had not paid rent or utilities for a year, and after she evicted him, she found the buckets of waste.
time off, KCTV5 reported. “We are no longer tolerating ANY excuse for calling off. ... If your dog died, you need to bring him in and prove it to us. ... If you only want morning shifts, too bad, go work at a bank. ... Do you think I want to be here until midnight on Friday and Saturday? No. I’d much rather be at home with my husband and dog,” the mes-
In other Weird happenings:
Don’t Have A Cow
of Raleigh, North Carolina, was missing its cows on Dec. 4, the News & Observer report-
Tough Manager
the message was “not aligned with our company’s values. We can confirm we have parted ways with this manager.”
Let’s Moo-ve!
An Olive Garden restaurant manager in Overland Park, Kansas, is out of a job after they sent a ranting message to team members about excessive
A live nativity scene in Car- olina Beach, an island commu- nity about 140 miles southeast
ed. The two cows escaped their pen at Seaside Chapel around 10:30 p.m. on Dec. 3, police
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CST31978C SPRJ78212_H2228-043-000
Carolina Beach police were joined by state park rangers and a K-9 with special herding skills as they hauled the soggy bovines back to shore.
“He’d been pooping in the buckets,” she said.
Poo For Police
Mindy Janette Stephens, 46, was arrested on Dec. 1 and charged with illegal dumping after an incident that took place on Nov. 10 in Electra, Texas. According to KXAN-TV, Ste- phens, seen on security footage wearing a white hazmat suit and a yellow mask, deposit- ed three 5-gallon buckets of human excrement at the front
She added that she called the police department to ask what she should do with them, but officers weren’t helpful, so she took the buckets to the station.
sage said.
An Olive Garden rep said

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