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           RELEASE DATE—Sunday, October 10, 2021 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, October 10, 2021
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
   Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
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84 Comics working 117 Cultural values 84aCsopmhoicnseworking 11187CCituyltmurapl,values
14 A subway rider 14 mAigshutbswavyeritder
46 Ark unit
476 HAerkavuynit
487 CHoemaveys into 5408 ACfofemcteiosninatoe
80 80 83 843 84 85 85
86 876 87
Poker hand sPtoakpeler hand Isnttaepnled FInrteingdhters’ lForaedigshters’ Floraodms far away (Fpreormhafpasr avwerayy f(apre)rhaps very Bfaar)nk offering PBoantkiaocffmeruinsgcle
saoslicpithoorsn?e 118 sComityemtimape,s
88 Csorlriecictotirosn?tools 119 Nsotmjuestitmdeislike 9808TCraodrirteiocntiaolnstonogls 112109PNreotejnutsiotudsislike
15 Fmroigmhtesvaevrey it 15 dFireocmtioenvery
50 iAnvffietactionate 51 Cinuvsittatirodn 51 dCeussteartd
1 MiAlkCcRonOsSuSmer 5120M1il7k Dcoansumer 5 S 2 t e 0 v 1 e 7 n Ds a f a n n t a s y
90wTitrhadthiteionlinael s“oJneg 112210 EPqrueitneenthiouues tewpithlumtheralini”e“Je 11221CEleqoupinaetrhau’se
16 Indircelocstioen 16 oInppcolossiteion
titSletervoelens fantasy
91 Ctaellp_lu_mdearyai” 9921WCoarlklp_l_acdeay
17 Jopinptosswitiiothncaps 2107 SJcoainrytsswtoitrhy caps 2230 MSocdaeryrnsitsotry
2283 WM o o r d d e or nf i Gs t a l l i c
55 Sdaelsesme-rto-Boise 55 dSira. lem-to-Boise
10 Utnitiltesrofle
123 Wkianlgkdeodm 123 Walked
28 Word of Gallic gratitude
56 Ndair.tion in a
10 Units of resistance
standards org. 93 Sunlit lobbies
gratitude 31 Frayed
56 Nation in a Fleming title
Pontiac muscle cars
resistance 14 Stop running,
93 Sunlit lobbies 95 “Gloria in
Fleming title 58 More torrid
With uncertainty
14 Stop running, with “out”
95 “Gloria in Excelsis __”
1 Composition
31 Frayed
33 Greek goddess
58 More torrid
59 Santa __ winds
89 93
With uncertainty Mystery award
with “out” 18 Like zeroes
Excelsis __” 96 Overdo the
1 Composition conclusion
33 Greek goddess for whom a
59 Santa __ winds 60 Army NCO
Mystery award namesake
18 Like zeroes 19 Aerie occupant
96 Overdo the sweetness
conclusion 2 Ardent
for whom a spring month is
60 Army NCO 61 Cooling cubes
namesake Add at the end
19 Aerie occupant 20 Heartless
2 Ardent
3 Volcanic output
spring month is named
61 Cooling cubes 64 Poe output,
20 Heartless 21 Shortly, once
sweetness 97 Author’s rep
3 Volcanic output 4 Small sampling,
named 34 “Divine
64 Poe output, aptly
94 96
Add at the end Came down
21 Shortly, once 22 Exec working as
97 Author’s rep working as a
4 Small sampling, as of various
34 “Divine Comedy” focus
65 Game played
Came down with
22 Exec working as a lifeguard?
working as a janitor?
as of various beers
Comedy” focus 35 Neither bow nor
65 Game played on horseback
97 97
with Philanthropist
a lifeguard? 24 Speaks in
janitor? 101 Chic retreat
beers 5 Implore
35 Neither bow nor pick
on horseback 66 Badly
Philanthropist Barton
24 Speaks in Spanish
101 Chic retreat 103 Security device
5 Implore
6 “It is the __,
36 Unsecured
66 Badly
67 Auto pioneering
Barton Do-nothing
25 Stalwart political 105 “__ Dark
67 Auto pioneering partner 100
104 Church official 25 Stalwart political 105 “__ Dark
and Juliet is the sun”: Romeo
37 Like ancient Peru
Cool kin
See 45-Down
Materials”: HBO
sun”: Romeo 7 Liquido claro
Peru 39 Bugs
partner 100 68 Fashion 102
See 45-Down Critical critique
26 “Accidents will
Materials”: HBO fantasy series
7 Liquido claro 8 Loses traction
39 Bugs 40 Pilate’s
68 Fashion 102 69 Studier of signs 106
Critical critique Wee
26 “Accidents will happen,” e.g.
fantasy series 108 Sound
8 Loses traction 9 Asian festival
40 Pilate’s “Behold!”
69 Studier of signs 106 70 “I can’t tell” 107
Wee Dance part
happen,” e.g. 27 Accessory for
108 Sound 112 Farm prefix
9 Asian festival 10 Expert in
“Behold!” 44 Small recipe
70 “I can’t tell” 107 73 National Poetry 109
Dance part Letter opening
27 Accessory for Astaire
112 Farm prefix 113 Hanukkah
10 Expert in futures?
44 Small recipe quantity
73 National Poetry 109 Month 110
Letter opening Fond of
28 .000001 meters
113 Hanukkah potato pancake
11 Overreaching
45 With 100-Down,
Month 110 74 Brought about 111
Fond of Binged (on), as
28 .000001 meters
29 Head for the hills 114 Football player
74 Brought about 111 75 Long exam
Binged (on), as junk food
potato pancake 29 Head for the hills 114 Football player
11 Overreaching self-confidence
45 With 100-Down, 1951 horror film
75 Long exam
answer 114
junk food “Shame on
30 Word of
working as a
self-confidence 12 Dieter’s
1951 horror film whose title role
30 Word of technique
working as a tailor?
12 Dieter’s breakfast
whose title role was played by was played by James Arness
answer 114 78 Seasonal
“Shame on thee!”
32 Sailors working
tailor? 116 React to a
breakfast 13 Much street
78 Seasonal
affliction 115
Hairy Addams Hairy Addams family member family member
32 Sailors working as aromathera-
116 React to a shock
13 Much street talk
James Arness
affliction 115 79 Wasn’t true
as aromathera- pists?
79 Wasn’t true
103 Security device
6 “It is the __, and Juliet is the
98 99
Do-nothing Cool kin
Church official
36 Unsecured 37 Like ancient
35 Narrow opening
  35 Narrow opening 38 Sole
38 Sole
41 City near Nîmes
41 City near Nîmes 42 Rough words?
42 Rough words? 43 Truckload unit
43 Truckload unit 44 Source of
44 Source of perfection, so
perfection, so they say
they say 46 Crossword
46 Crossword constructor’s
constructor’s chore
49 Committee
49 Committee head working as
head working as a lead guitarist?
a lead guitarist? 51 Stimulate
51 Stimulate 52 Fawn’s mom
52 Fawn’s mom 53 Bolt with great
53 Bolt with great speed
54 Get a look at
54 Get a look at 55 Site of
55 Site of Napoleon’s exile
Napoleon’s exile 56 “The __ is
56 “The __ is silence”:
Hamlet’s last Hamlet’s last
words words
57 Good guy 57 Good guy
59 “To repeat ... ” 59 “To repeat ... ”
62 Puts to work 62 Puts to work
63 NBA players 63 NBA players
working as working as
Instacart Instacart
employees? employees?
68 Badly hurt 68 Badly hurt
71 Not in time 71 Not in time
72 “I’m not buying 72 “I’m not buying
that!” that!”
76 Bone: Pref. 76 Bone: Pref.
77 Inform 77 Inform
78 St. with a 78 St. with a
panhandle panhandle
81 “Uh-oh!” 81 “Uh-oh!”
82 Rehab 82 Rehab
symptoms symptoms
83 It might be on a 83 It might be on a
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  T RaiseTheRoof
 he things that happen to me cannot be explained. I believe that people view me in a positive light for being a normal guy trying to lead a normal life —
and yet fate places me in situations that defy explanation. Here’s an example of something that just happened to me and I can’t imagine it happening to anyone else. It was my nephew’s birthday the other week, and we decided that we would get him one of those “gamer” chairs from City Mill. My car is a manual drive two-seater, so I tried to shove the box into my passenger seat. The box in turn scraped the headliner so that it no longer adhered to the roof and
“bagged” to where it was resting on my head.
It was annoying to no end. While I drove, I kept pushing the material off my head with one hand while steering and shifting with the other. I took the box home and completely
forgot about the headliner issue.
The next morning, I jumped into my car to go to work.
                      Again, the headliner material rested on the top of my head and stayed there no matter which way I swiveled my head. It acted and looked like I was wearing a giant turban.
                         To best describe it, those of you who remember The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson should picture his Carnac the Magnificent bit. If you’re too young, Google it and you’ll see Carson dressed in a gigantic turban on his head. It was a comedic role in which he played a psychic swami of sorts.
        He would divine the answer to a question written on a card “hermetically sealed” inside an envelope. He would announce the answer to the audience then tear open the envelope to reveal the question.
      Anyway, I went to purchase my morning coffee before driving to work. This is my daily habit, which I almost never waver from. I placed my order at the drive-thru and proceeded to the window to receive my coffee.
     Since I had to use both hands to pay for and grab my cup, I had to let the headliner rest on top of my head like Carnac’s turban. I pretended like nothing was wrong and that it was a regular morning just like any other.
     The server at the window kept looking at me, probably wanting to laugh or ask me what was going on. She said something to the other workers and then I saw all of them come to the window to see me in my new headwear.
      As I drove away, I decided to complete my Carnac role to myself. Answer: “The 1962 New York Mets, Seinfeld’s George Costanza, Ron Nagasawa.”
    Question: “Who are the world’s biggest losers?”
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