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Trace and cut out pieces from card- stock according to the patterns.
Cut a tiny heart from medium pink card- stock for the nose. Center below the eyes and glue in place. Use a fine-point black marker and draw three lines on each side of the nose for the whiskers.
Fold the cookie piece at the top to form a tab. Glue the tab to the back head piece.
Take the dark brown cardstock and cut out free- form circles for the chocolate chips. Add as many chocolate chips to your cookie as you want. Place on the top of the cookie and glue in place.
WA Cute Project That’s One For The Books
e recently celebrated National Chocolate Chip It’s a simple project that can inspire you to make other Cookie Day (Aug. 4) and National Women’s Day animals or foods. Wouldn’t a panda and a bowl of saimin and National Book Lovers Day (Aug. 9). As a look cute? Or, a dog and a bone? So many possibilities —
 woman, I decided that this week’s craft will combine choc- just sketch out a pattern and have some fun.
olate chips, books and one of my favorite children’s stories, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, written by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond.
For this project, I made pattern pieces for the mouse and cookie if you don’t want to make your own. You can find these instructions plus the patterns at benfranklin-
I used cardstock scraps and made a mouse holding a choc- olate chip cookie. The mouse’s paws are layered over the top of the cookie. So, you just slip the page you want to bookmark between the cookie and the paws.
Have fun and don’t forget to share what you make. Email a photo of your craft to, and if I share it here, I’ll send you a Ben Franklin Crafts gift card.
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Place the pink inner ears as shown and glue in place. Use the 1/4-inch hole punch and punch out two circles from black card- stock for the eyes. Place on the mouse’s face and glue in place. You can add a tiny dot of white paint from a marker for an accent. Letdry.
       Place the mouse head with hands on top of the cookie, align edges and glue together.
• 4-by-8-inch gray or white
cardstock, for front/back of mouse head
• 1-by-2-inch light pink cardstock, for inner ears
• 1-by-1-inch medium pink
cardstock, for nose
• 1-by-1-inch black cardstock, for eyes • 4-by-4-inch brown cardstock, for cookie
• 2-by-2-inch dark brown
cardstock for chocolate chips
• black fine-line marker
• white marker or paint and thin brush
• scissors
• double-stick tape or liquid glue
• pencil
        After all the adhesives have dried, you can use your book- mark. Mark the page in your book by placing the cookie behind the page and the mouse’s paws in front on top of the page.
Your mouse will peek out from on top of the book.
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