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MAY 24, 2023
    Nature lover Rob Greenfield has stopped using toilet paper, and he wants you to, too.
No More TeePee For Eco-activist
  Mr. K’s Recycle & Redemption
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* FREE EVENT open to public *
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 for recycling.
State of Hawai‘i Electronic Device Recycling & Recovery Law
     People reported on May 4 that Greenfield is touring the country as part of his Grow Your Own Toilet Paper Initia- tive, introducing people to the blue spur flower plant. The leaves are “soft as can be,” he said. “They’re durable. I call them the Charmin of the garden.”
committed the act without “force, stealth or deception,” it wasn’t a burglary. Instead, justices told Scioto County Common Pleas Court that he could be charged with misde- meanor criminal trespassing. Sentences for misdemeanors typically result in less than a year in jail.
Photographer Ken Pretty of Dildo, Newfoundland, had the extraordinary luck on April 27 of capturing a 30-foot-tall iceberg floating in Conception Bay. (Nearby towns include Spread Eagle and Placentia.) Live Science reported that the berg, “a col- umn with a domed head pro- truding up from two oval rafts of ice,” resembled a phallus.
   Greenfield sets up a com- post toilet in a busy area and gives his spiel: “Hey, did you know you can grow your own toilet paper? I want to show people that another way is possible. We just buy (toilet paper) at the store and we never think twice about it.”
Mixing Cocktails With Blood
Each leaf is about the size of a piece of toilet paper, and the plant supplies an abun- dance of them. They can’t be flushed, but they can be thrown in the trash or buried in the yard. Passersby who get sucked in will also hear Greenfield’s views on com- posting human waste rather than using flush toilets.
glasses and dispose of al- coholic beverages that may have been contaminated,” he said.
Days later, the mystery of the pasta’s origin was solved: A man moving out of his mother’s home after her death discovered a stockpile of dry noodles and allegedly dumped them there. A week- end’s worth of heavy rains softened the pasta, making it look as if it had been cooked. Old Bridge’s mayor declared no harm, no foul, and the few stray noodles left on the ground are the only sign of the great pasta caper.
Law And Order
The Ohio Supreme Court ruled on May 3 that a man who was serving eight to 12 years in prison did not, after all, commit a burglary. In September 2020, Donald Ber- tram approached the home of Timothy Huff as Huff was working in his yard, The Co- lumbus Dispatch reported. Bertram walked into Huff’s open garage, picked up a $500 leaf blower, got in his car and drove away. But the court said that because Bertram
“I knew I’d get a lot of comments,” Pretty said, “but I didn’t expect this much.”
In other Weird happenings:
Pasta Mystery Solved
Nina Jochnowitz was alerted on April 26 by a fel- low citizen in Old Bridge, New Jersey, about an odd de- posit near a stream, reported. When Jochnowitz investigated, she found 500 pounds of cooked pasta — spaghetti, ziti and elbow macaroni — dumped along a 25-foot-wide area. She post- ed photos on Facebook and alerted the town administra- tor and public works depart- ment, and two days later, the carb-y mess had been cleaned up. Jochnowitz pointedly re- marked that Old Bridge is the only town in the county without bulk garbage pickup.
Not Boris
On April 29 in Groningen, the Netherlands, police pulled over a driver who had mowed down a post on a sidewalk, Oddity Central reported. The unnamed 35-year-old man re- fused a breath test, but he did produce a Ukrainian driver’s license with a familiar name and photo: Boris Johnson, the former prime minister of the United Kingdom. The license had Johnson’s correct date of birth but had an expiration year of 3000. Apparently, such fake licenses are pop- ular at Ukrainian souvenir shops.
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Bloody Mess
The Mondaiji Con Café Daku (loosely translated: Problem Child Concept Café) in Sapporo, Japan, was forced to fire one of its wait- resses in April after she was discovered to be adding her own blood to cocktails, the Daily Mail reported. The café owner called her actions “ab- solutely not acceptable” and said the establishment would close while every drinking glass was replaced.
“We will hire a contractor to clean the store, change
He called her actions “part- time job terrorism.” A local doctor said anyone who had patronized the café should visit a doctor and have a blood test.
Sadly, the “dickie berg,” as locals named it, didn’t last: It collapsed the next day.
Something To Giggle Over

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