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                                                ACROSS novels 119 Sherwin brewed with 51 Poor pitiful me! option
1 Jorts fabric
6 North Africa’s __
88 90
After the whistle Wallpaper 120 hanger’s
Williams product Toast opener
Till stack Muscles near delts
Batting stat Vacillate
“You __!”: “Yep!” Dept. of Labor arm
solar energy 17 Go to
52 Puny,parasite 54 “... __ quit!”
92 Weighed in 93 “The Addams
MARCH 15, 2023
11 Cranberry sites 1
18 Gets 24 Appl som
 rid of iance in e hotel
55 56 61
63 64 65
66 67 68 70 71 74 75
Sulu player John Choose 94 Routes without 95 tolls 96
Family” uncle Foot part
Totally worthless Recipe amt. Built for NASA, say
ae pioneer
Person of the Year designator Skip over So-so
a ram or a
98 102 103
Athlete’s award Soul mate? Scrape covered with a Paw Patrol bandage,
y of the
’s “Splash
Some med.
Company abbr.
Guys HAWAI’I ISLe.Ag.ND “Frozen” sister 104 Library
  ers” ss
 e with cells _, Israel
Ramadan, e.g. 105 Essential fatty __ 106 Brooks’s country
convenience Memo abbr. Cowpoke’s poker
points g action
Helping Students
Climb To Success
Hawai‘i workforce development nonprofit ClimbHI collaborated with Mana Up, an initiative dedicated to helping the state’s business leaders expand globally, to host an entrepreneurship workshop for six Kohala High School students. Students visited House of Mana Up at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel and met with co-founder Meli James (far right). There, they were able to showcase their photography, apparel and household products. James then offered students feedback about product development and marketing. PHOTO COURTESY CLIMBHI
v 77 oom 78 rt 79 uartet 80
music partner 107 Gets into
shape? 108 Castle trench 110 Standard 111
“Will there be anything __?” Dampens Drift off
Koala hangout Genre of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Fjord kin
One of five principal resources in the game Catan
ain stry list
ene ily r s pa rd q ohn hort
2 2
room 5 Regg
5 TV ads for good causes
“I always wanted to be a gardener, but I ... ”
Sugar shack surrounders Actress Mireille MLB stat Massive old computer Amazon crime
1 “Say So” singer __ Cat
  9 One who may live by the Strait of Hormuz
2 Some Down 2 Under sprinters
 0 Go
1 Old Testament
3 Graham in the 2 Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame 3
99 twin 100 2 Actress Wilson 101
4 QB misfire 3 5 __-of-the-road
6 Pasta
 of “His Dark
 Materials” 102 3 “I always wanted
specification 3
to be a ballerina, butI...”
series based on Michael Connelly novels
7 8
Broth 3 Bypa 34 Hom
27 Specimen for a
104 Fanny pack’s
spot 10
35 Tel_ 36 Main 37 Takin 38 Capt
Ivolcanologist 28 Gown
29 Long Beach’s
I’m A Jerk
indu 39 Nove
location, informally
109 “I always wanted 12 to be a wedding
30 “I __”: Election Day sticker
officiant, but I ... ” 13 Fine __: Irish 40 Fam
erything except for my beef jerky.
32 Uniform
106 Needle a bit 11
own nothing. Everything that I possess does not belong
I remember when I was in the fourth grade and watched
41 German article
42 Northeastern
anoecpteitsode of Daniel Boone. Boone and his son, Israel, had
to survive in the woods. They caught fish from the river and
43 Show clearly
46 Small tastes
48ateVeitgraa,we.g(p. ioneered sashimi) and Boone told his son to suck 49 Phony
on a piece of beef jerky to quell his hunger.
53 “I always wanted to be
That was it for me. Ever since then, I always had a “han-
a Gregorian
kemrionngk”, bfuotrI i..t. ”However, back then beef jerky was always
scarce and always expensive. It wasn’t until I was an adult
57 Undefeated
boxer Laila
58thaMteIancsouofldacacfefsosrd to buy it anytime I had the craving.
59 Goatee spot
And I could get it 24/7 as it was stocked at 7-Eleven and
60 Key of
neBaerleytheovenr’ys 24-hour convenience store in the world. With “Eroica”
the Atkins and keto diets, beef jerky became totally main-
62 Soy-based frozen dessert
stream and even expensive.
65 TAhindk ocfo, maspaanies started to diversify the product. Before
you knew it, there was turkey jerky, jerky made of pork or
67 “__ Place”:
fis1h9.9I0’svTeVevdreanmsaeen vegan jerky made of mushrooms! And
113 Not aweather political party 44 Pant
solely to me1.1T4hCaatn’sinbeepcaal uofse I s1h4arDeinaellbymy worldl4y5 Awa
31 North Carolina
univgeorsoitdys with my family. What’s mine is theirs. Well, ev-
Nermal and candlelight, for J
Garfield maybe for s
33 Amnbdulmanacyebe my car but that’s because no one else in my
family knows how to drive stick shift. But back to beef jerky:
34 “I always wanted to be a
I’m not sure when my obsession began, but I have always
baker, but I ... ”
felt like beef jerky was a treat.
40 __ bar
Pete 6 Like
lamb 1 Bala 2 Curr NBA
   69 Classic Windows
there were different flavors like teriyaki, black pepper and
 catchphrase 70 Bygone Dodge
 jalapeño. There’s even fruit jerky, which is the total opposite
beef jerky!
   71 Messy scuffle 72 Customizable
 It wasn’t until a few years ago that someone finally came
  Wii Sports
ouatvwataitrh a form of the classic jerky that may have actually
been better — that being crispy beef jerky! In case you’ve
73 “I always wanted
  to be a perfumer,
bebeunt Iin...h”ibernation the past five years, crispy jerky is made
    81 French infinitive
by shaving down the beef into thin strips like potato chips.
83 Give more than a darn?
So, they’re crunchy like chips but have the savory beef
 flavor of jerky. Talk about a perfect snack! Anyway, a friend of mine, Corinne, told me about crispy beef jerky from the Big Island and claimed it was the best she ever had.
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         She kindly sent me a bag after which I hid it from my family so that I could have it all to myself while watching late night TV. I stuck it in my work backpack, where I knew no one would look. Later that evening, I heard my wife and daughter yelling. Our dogs, Buddy and Wilson, had ripped into my backpack and took the beef jerky. The crumbs and flakes were strewn everywhere and they consumed the entire bag. I nearly broke down in tears. Later my wife saw me rummaging through the food pantry and asked, “What are you looking for?”
           I mumbled, “Where the hell are the dog jerky treats?”
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