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                                                29 Charming Mikey and the means God is 47 Punk offshoot 86 Asian lake 119 [The light s
34 “Who here hath
changed cereal
served with
, partnership that
with us” 14 Flatbread
48 Ascended 49 Passed out 50 Nile vipers 52 __ wrench 54 Sports page
memorialized by UNESCO Pledge drive freebie
122 Cedar Rapids
__ these two days buried”: “Romeo and Juliet”
126 Sniggler’s trap
tandoori chicken 15 Bells and
   127 Network announcement
Answers are on page 7
89 news 90
Volcanic debris Is affected by
124 Bro or sis
125 Tribute in verse
123 Blast letters
 “REBOOTS” BY MICHAEL 95 Hooting bird SCHLOSSBERG 96 Tiny garden planting
39 ColdWarletters 36 “Queer Eye”
 1 Wild hog
42 Attempt
46 WJoondnearltahndancakVean_ 37mSeshsoagwe about
5 Latish lunch hr.
10 Place for “me time” 13 Inflame with love
19 Atlanta Hawks arena
sock, a blue sock, and the love they found in the dryer?
47 Punkoffshoot
some St. Louis
until 1997
20 Cause of in-flight
105 One-word warning 108 Black shade
111 Loses enthusiasm 112 “Ooh! There!”
50 Ntilheeviprefrisxer-upper
turbulence 22 “__ Bovary”
54 Sportspagenews 43 Lhasa __
56 NameonfourBritish
23 Show about monks who form a rock group?
114 Zenith’s opposite 116 Go off-script
120 Show about a school
44 Tea party art galleries
25 Show about Alfred E. Neuman and
64 Battlefield board game scofflaw
company? 26 Start
Oats, Mikey, and the partnership that changed cereal forever?
66 Elude
468 C Oo p l i de d d i e t a r y s t d .
27 Comedian Mandel
28 Consecrate
29 Charming person?
34 “Who here hath __
69 Makeup mishap
51 Physicist Nikol
these two days buried”:
announcement 128 Facility
7 2 K ae y mh o ol d me r - a n d -
“Romeo and Juliet”
36 “Queer Eye” grooming
73 Southerninflection pop neckwear
expert Jonathan Van
5757 __STiguensduayp 5809SCilenetraesmsenotnial pil
37 Show about some St. Louis sluggers and their fixer-upper?
41 “Fiddlesticks!”
43 Lhasa __
44 Tea party attendee
45 Highway scofflaw
48 Old dietary std.
51 Physicist Nikola
53 Delta deposit
55 Show about a mom-
1 Former wrestling star __ Brazil
85 Fitbit unit
86 Ausiargn elankecy
and-pop neckwear
91 Volleyballcourtdivider 67 Muted colors 93 Electricallyflexible 70 Show about
business? 57 Sign up
97 Economy
59 Ceremonial pile
61 Clog front
62 Letters of urgency
63 Gal
10 Distort, as data 11 Danger
12 Utterly lost
13 Name that means
99 Emarthu-gfriesndhlyoptrefix
65 NBA Commissioner Silver
“God is with us”
14 Flatbread served with
76 City near Taho 105 Chopsup
67 Muted colors
70 Show about mug shot
Compton” actor __ 78 Cal’s twin, in a
75 Fitness coach
76 City near Tahoe
77 Foil kin
78 Cal’s twin, in a
Jackson Jr. Steinbeck nove
Steinbeck novel
79 Ortiz of “Ugly Betty” 81 Storage tower
83 Pats gently
88 Show about a village
83 Pats gently 115 Facultyhead
and its mountain lion
119 [Thelight’sgreen!] mountain lion 122 CedarRapidscollege
92 Actress Merrill 94 Old-school
123 Bplarsotlbetlterms ? 124 Broorsis
125 Tributeinverse
98 Attic pests
100 Exploit
101 Uneven do
102 Show about a red
40 Beachbottleletters grooming exper
pep squad?
121 Show about Quaker
60 Idyllic spots 45 Highway
126 Sniggler’s trap 127 Network
55 Show about 71 FauvistpainterDufy
129 Declines
130 Yang counterpart 131 Give some space 132 Deliver by parachute
74 Novembermeteor business?
82 Spanishcitrusfruit 61 Clog front 84 Discombobulated 62 Letters of
2 Muscat’s sultanate 3 Writers Patchett and
memorialized by 63 Gal
4 Goes it alone
5 Dolt
6 Tip for a writer
7 Make a typo, say 8 HMO alternative 9 May honoree
tandoori chicken
15 Bells and whistles 16 First lady after Bess 17 Signs
18 Uses for a fee
21 Guitar Hero
1 7 0 6 7 “ S F t r o a i i g l h k t Oi n u t t a
24 Native Nebraskan
30 Baton
31 Heads of cabbage, for
81 Storage tower
32 Celestial event
33 Come from behind 35 The Shins’ genre 37 Not fancy
38 Double-click, say
118 “Inthatcase...” village and its
48 Ascended
sluggers and 49 Passedout
52 __wrench
41 “Fiddlesticks!”
58 Uasettaesnudrgeiceal beam
70 Shapehiddeninthe 53 Delta deposit
FedEx logo
87 Pledgedrivefreebie
Commissioner 89 Volcanicdebris
90 IsSaifflevceterdby
101 Brews photography?
103 Continental travel pass 75 Fitness coach 104 Snowman in “Frozen”
107 Bruins legend Cam
79 Ortiz of “Ugly 109 Onedge
110 “ChicagoHope”Emmy Betty”
113 Wrinkleremover
18178PSerjhuroerw about a
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                      ANSWER TO TODAY’S PUZZLE
 # • • • • • #
SIGN, SIGN, EVERYWHERE A SIGN?? 800-667-5028 ext. 8122
Denise S. Nakanishi
RB-17031, ABR, CRS, GRI, SRS
“Major Mom is a Major Difference”
cell 808-936-5100
The lottery jackpot; distance to McDonalds; location of the next gas station; time until you reach Motel 6...along with gigantic graphics of area attractions and oversized pictures of guys and gals who work at places I’ll never visit. It’s all part of a day’s ride along the highways and by-ways of America’s highways. Billboards are everywhere! If the number of signs indicates effectiveness, the commercial payback must be huge! Thankfully, things are a bit different here in Hawaii nei.
We have both State laws and a County ordinance that regulate size, placement and configuration of signs. Even property zoning can affect signage. I suspect many folks don’t realize that signs other than temporary signs must be permitted just like a structure. Signs, such as those placed on property for sale or rent are consideredtemporaryanddonotrequireapermit.There are very specific regulations regarding configuration and placement of real estate signs. For instance, they must only be placed on the property listed for sale.
They aren’t supposed to be on public right-of-way or an adjacent property like informational and directional signs directing a buyer to the property. Typical for sale signs are limited to 8 square feet in size. It’s ok to place a sign on each street frontage if the property is located on a corner. Each sign is supposed to be “visible to traffic proceeding in one direction on any one street or highway”. In today’s market, the 6-month limit on temporary sign placement hasn’t been a problem. We are lucky to even get the sign up. Removing the sign within 72 hours after completion of the event or activity promoted by the sign (like an election) is often overlooked especially in rural and remote areas. It’s not uncommon to receive calls from signs that were placed years earlier. Temporary signs in commercial/ industrial districts can be larger than those in residential/ agricultural districts. There are 28 pages of rules and definitionscontainedinChapter3oftheHawaiiCounty Code ( see pdf) . There’s also State laws related to content that REALTORS® must follow. For instance, a licensed agent
can never advertise property as “for sale by owner”. Any advertisement, including signs must identify the office affiliation as well as the office phone number. If an agent’s name is included, the agent license status must be indicated. Unlike contractors and mortgage brokers, we are not required to include our license number. Illegal sign owners have 10 working days after notification to remove a non-conforming sign. If they do not, Public Works can confiscate it. The owner can be fined up to $500 for the first offense with increased fines and even criminal prosecution for subsequent violations. In a place where natural beauty defines all we do, it makes perfect sense that signage is strictly regulated. If you have questions about signs in your neighborhood or along the roadways of our gorgeous island, call the Building Division at 808-961-8331. There are different rules in Kailua-Kona town so it’s best to call 808-327- 3520forissuesrelatedtoKonasignage. So,whenit comes to signs, thank goodness there’s none blocking the scenery along our beautiful highways and by-ways! Blog forward at
     Stately Hilo Mansion
7 bedroom, 5 full 4 half bath, 6,124sf, 1 acre lot, zoned RS15. Potential for
B&B or hosted vacation rental.7/31/ MLS #662600 $1.5M
h h a a w wa i a i a i n i a r e n a r l e t y a . c l o t y m . c • o h m a w • a i h i a a n w r e a a i l i t a y . n c o r e m a l t y . c o m •
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