Page 6 - Hawaii Island MidWeek - June 22, 2022
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                 Officers and directors of Young Lawyers Division are, from
left, Kelcie Nagata, treasurer; Jasmine Wong, president; Chad Au, O‘ahu director; Lisa Yang, vice president; Lansen Leu, O‘ahu director; Nelisa Asato, secretary; and Jarrett Dempsey, O‘ahu director.
             Law Week is back in full force this year, thanks to members of Young Lawyers Division and a host of other volunteer attorneys who are eager to share valuable information with those searching for legal remedies.
legal clinic that was staged in Ho- nolulu last year, Yang remembers being assigned to a middle-aged woman whose father had recent- ly passed away. The woman was visibly concerned about her pre- dicament and had many questions about her father’s will, the future of his home, and whether procur- ing the services of an attorney
   nsuring that the law re- mains accessible to all is the primary reason why Lisa Yang adores work-
would be in her best interest. Given Yang’s role as a program volunteer, she was not able to offer legal counsel. However, she was able to reassure the woman that there were legal remedies out there and pointed her to a referral service that would furnish her with a quali-
gan to feel better about her situation, and thanked Yang for listening to her concerns and supplying her with just enough direction so that she could move forward with confidence.
Ing LLP. “Letting her know that we all have specialties and that we all do different things within the law, and then being able to provide her with some guidance on what to ask for and what kind of attorney to look for was a relief to her.”
 ing with Young Lawyers Division — the community service arm of Hawai‘i State Bar Association — and one of its signature programs known as Law Week.
fied probate intestate attorney. Almost instantly, the woman be-
“She was actually very touched because she felt lost, and it had been a very difficult situation for her to deal with,” recalls Yang, an associate at the law firm Watanabe
That’s part of what makes Law Week — scheduled for June 20-
Participating in the program’s

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