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   (From left) Lori Ikeda, Kawailehua Cornel, Tayler Rex, Noelani Comorposa and Jasmin Pacheco are among Hawai‘i’s most remarkable registered nurses.
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  Since the days of Florence Nightin- gale and Mary Seacole, nurses have played an essential role in societies.
America, according to Gallup’s annual survey.
first-hand look at the industry to allowing college nursing students to participate in its nursing academies.
industrious and selfless. They’re also viewed as excellent communicators who are devoted to patient advocacy and who possess incredible amounts of stamina.
Often viewed as the very heart of health care, these professionals are beloved for the countless and vital services they pro- vide — from conducting routine physical exams and taking detailed medical histo- ries to providing necessary counseling and education, meeting patients’ emotional needs and so much more.
Despite their clear value, more caregiv- ers are needed today in order to meet the growing health care demands in communi- ties across the country. Here in the islands, Hawai‘i Pacific Health has increased efforts to attract new talent while main- taining its workforce of registered nurses — currently numbered at just over 1,600 at the four medical centers the nonprofit represents. These recruitment endeavors range from offering summer internships to high school students hoping to get a
To highlight all the good these health care professionals do and in celebration of National Nurses Week (May 6-12), Hawai‘i Island MidWeek is presenting the following profiles on five women from Hawai‘i Pacific Health’s network of hos- pitals — all of whom embody the finest ideals in modern nursing and all who still love their callings as caregivers. These nurses are often described as caring and empathetic, committed and determined,
Just who are these remarkable women? They are Tayler Rex of Wilcox Medical Center, Noelani Comorposa and Kawaile- hua Cornel of Straub Medical Center, Lori Ikeda of Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children and Jasmin Pacheco of Pali Momi Medical Center.
Little wonder why for an impressive 20-straight years, nursing has been voted the most trusted and ethical profession in
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The best way to honor National Nurses Week is to shine the spotlight
on a handful of Hawai‘i’s finest caregivers.

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