Cover Story


The Real Deal

Keeping things as authentic as possible is the name of the game for the brother-and-sister duo of Michelle and David..

Surf’s Up for Sig

It’s three decades and counting for Sig Zane and his design company, which has been making waves across the globe..

Life Is Sweet

The journey is far from complete for Big Island Candies, which has been a tasty fixture in the Hilo community..

A New Day For Kimié

The former Kailua-Kona resident writes memorable songs, wins Nā Hōkū awards, mentors fledgling artists and cares for her newborn. It’s..

The Puna Weather Guys

Early one Saturday morning, a group of weather geeks gathered online, spending several hours discussing the status of multiple systems..

The Winner Is Pinner

Hilo teacher Pascale Pinner finds her place among the stars after being named to the much-celebrated Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator..